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What is JSNLP?

For over 30 years JSNLP has been one of the most respected NLP Training Schools in the UK. Founded by John Seymour (co-author of the best sellingIntroducing NLP) way back in 1985, JSNLP has developed an unrivalled  reputation for quality, integrity and a rigorous attention to detail in teaching NLP at all levels.

Over the years John has built a strong reputation as the ‘trainers trainer’, not only because he literally wrote the book (Training with NLP) but also in no small part because of his willingness to apprentice the brightest talents amongst his students, nurturing their skills until they attained the coverted NLP Master Trainer certification. A level achieved only by a handful of NLP Trainers in the world.  This willingness to create Masters now allows him to spend a little more time on his hobbies beyond NLP – his garden, his boat and thought leadership in areas such as the memes of transformation.

JSNLP is evolving, and taking a powerful step forward as 91Untold with his former apprentice Master Trainers Neil Almond (winner of the NLP Making a Difference award at the 2017 International ANLP Awards), Sarah Smith and Chris Rasey (author of NLP Metaphorically) taking bigger roles and continuing to write John’s legacy.

In 2016 JSNLP merged with Neil Almond and Andy Cartmell’s Whatever Life Throws and the resulting fusion of talents has enabled us to evolve yet again to focus more on developing exceptional change agents and supporting people, organisations and society to change. After all NLP is probably the most potent source code for change available. But we didn’t want to stop there. The world is changing, and we wanted to remain at the forefront of change agency skills. Positive Psychology for instance has an incredible toolkit to support our mission. As do memetics, systems thinking, neuroscience and communications theories.

Hence the rebrand across to 91Untold. We’re not abandoning NLP. Not at all. We’ll continue offering some of the most powerful NLP learning experiences available. We just won’t stop there.

91Untold is the only training organisation in the world with John Seymour as part of its faculty. But we’re also a family and community, which is why he feels so at home.

Come join us for the next part of our journey. There is a whole new story to be told. Help us write it.

JSNLP Courses

Meet The Team

Between us, we have over 150 years’ experience in positive change. We use everything from Applied NLP and Positive Psychology, systems thinking and applied memetics, through to leadership, communications and change theories. Whatever our brief, we bring infectious energy and fun to every project, with a focus on effortless learning with tangible results.

Mason Palmer

Digital Consultant Digital ninja is more fitting. Mason drives all our digital projects and works to ensure 91Untold leads the field in a tech-driven world. Degree in Videography and Dance

Chris Rasey

Master Trainer 35 years of training and coaching experience. NLP Master Trainer. Author of NLP Metaphorically, which reconnected him with his passion for storytelling.

Pam Barker-Mears

Programme Consultant With a fascination for people and positive psychology, Pam's passion is developing individuals, teams and organisations so that they can reach their full potential.

Ed Midson

Consultant, 91 Untold NLP Trainer, impactful coach and dynamic consultant. Successful change agent with clients from Network Rail to Hinkley Point NNB.

Sharon Storer

Head of Service Academy Shazy is a force of nature and passionate about developing talent and driving exceptional customer service. NLP Trainer and dynamic coach. Happy clients include Paul Smith.

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Join our new story

Thank you so much for being part of the JSNLP and Whatever Life Throws journeys. From May, we will stop mailing to our old lists and will instead communicate through our new 91 Untold opt-in list. So, if you want to keep hearing from us then please sign up to join our new story at 91 Untold.


This was the first year I didn’t feel I wasted my training budget. In addition to the tangible stuff, the training saved a huge amount of my time as the team were solving their own problems and taking responsibility. As a business we are much more productive and outputs from the team are much higher.

Cam Farrelly Partner, pd3

Andy and Neil made my journey into NLP engaging and revelatory. They allow a mass of information to be integrated so smoothly – it makes for an incredible experience. I can’t wait to try out my learnings

Gareth Jones Design Director, pd3

Prepare to be challenged and have your eyes opened. Prepare to have your eyes opened and smell the coffee. Prepare for some great learning, with fun and meaning. Prepare to have your life transformed. Prepare to believe all those superlatives when you’ve completed the course

Sam Dobbs Police Sergeant

This course has given me a set of tools, techniques and resources I can use professionally but also personally. It has helped change who I am as a leader and given me tools to support staff in my organisation

Claire Newman Finance Director, City Year

It’s not a course, more a way of thinking and living. The methodologies I believe can make a difference and won’t be forgotten – like so many courses. I have become a believer! Thank you

Howard Davis Group Finance Director, Bourne Group

What’s changed? The whole organisation. Literally everything! Different staff in different positions, different ways to train corps members, different values and language around how we operate and now in a much more productive way – challenging each other to be at cause

Sophie Livingstone Chief Executive, City Year

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