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About This Podcast Digging further into the landscape of change, we have decided to ask an expert of human relationships, Susan Quilliam, to contribute some of her wisdom to the project.Susan

About This Podcast This week’s episode of the 91 Untold Change Project podcast features an interview between Neil and our very own John Seymour. If you don’t know John he is

About This Podcast One of the themes that’s emerged so far within the 91 Untold Change Project is how vitally important disruption is to facilitate real and lasting positive change and

About This Podcast This week's podcast features David Smith-Collins, whose strong reputation as an innovative change leader stems from his days in the police service, wherein he rose to the rank

About This Podcast In Episode #4 of the Change Project Giles Gibbons suggested that the separate nomenclature of ‘charity’ and ‘business’ is potentially becoming ever more irrelevant. What is more important

     About This Podcast:To be honest, we went into today’s podcast knowing we’d be wowed by our guest, Rachel Higham, Managing Director of IT at the communications colossus

     About This Podcast: Host, Neil Almond, joined by series producer, Mason Palmer, give a brief insight into what The 91 Untold Change Project is seeking to achieve, together with some ideas