Episode #10: Absence of Deity

About This Podcast

Digging further into the landscape of change, we have decided to ask an expert of human relationships, Susan Quilliam, to contribute some of her wisdom to the project.

Susan has had a very successful career as an author of twenty-two books in the relationship field. She is also a coach, facilitator, advice columnist and, ultimately, a long-standing muse of ours here at 91 Untold.

During this episode, Quilliam educates us on how our attitudes towards romantic relationships have shifted and, in some ways, intensified, since much of the western world’s movement towards a post-Christian society. Neil and Sue also draw the parallel between our attitude towards relationships and our attitude towards organisations. Are we looking for divine fulfilment within our job roles too, or is this just a substitute from a lack of religion in our culture?

About This Guest

“My passion is helping individuals choose, develop and maintain healthy and happy relationships in all areas of their lives.

In the field of personal relationships I offer coaching, mentoring and consultancy. run training courses and workshops; write advice columns for magazines and websites; broadcast regularly on the national media; act as spokesperson for media campaigns; and am the author of 22 books on relationships published in 33 countries and 24 languages.

Specialties: Coach, mentor, consultant, trainer, facilitator, broadcaster, media commentator, campaign spokesperson, writer, advice columnist –  in the field of personal relationships.”

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