Executive Coaching

It can be lonely at the top. When the buck stops with you, where do you go to gain crisp clarity of thought, to rant safely or bounce strategy and thoughts before they’re publicly ‘consumable’? Who around you has the courage to tell you the unvarnished truth and help you decipher the facts from excuses?

Executive Coaching is an invaluable tool for senior executives (and for those on a trajectory towards senior management). An executive coach is a trusted friend and advisor, someone who’s on your side (even when that means pointing out uncomfortable truths), but they also can be your most loyal and faithful cheer leader.

At 91Untold we think senior executives need more than just a sounding board. All of our executive coaches blend sublime coaching skills with real life experience. They know when to shut up and listen, when to challenge. They’re also all able to offer executive-level mentoring or consultancy support, to help you get the most from your skills.

One of the main constants in organisations these days is change. Leaders need to be both responsive to change and personally resilient to it. A coach can give you the time to think beyond the organisational needs to make sure you’re taking care of your most valuable asset – you! We believe in positive organisations where the whole team has a real sense of meaning from their work and in developing cultures in which they can flourish, grow and thrive. So often senior executives focus on the needs of their team to the detriment of themselves. Investment in Executive Coaching reverses this trend and allows you to be the best possible leader you can be.