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A business can only be as good as its people. But too much training and coaching fails exactly who it should help. We work with organisations of all shapes, sizes and sectors, to empower their people to positively transform behaviours, attitudes, and mind-sets. Because highly motivated staff with through-the-roof wellbeing and meaning, have the best chance of flourishing and having a positive impact on the organisation. We also build in powerful applied techniques so that your team have the skills they need to be the change in your organisation.

Strategic Consultancy

By working in-house to collaboratively define and refine your strategic change goals, we blend many different disciplines to achieve an integrated and sustainable solution that has real impact.

Signature programmes

Most 91 Untold programmes are bespoke solutions to our client’s challenges. But there are a few that we’ve become especially famous for and that produce proven impact time and time again.  

Professional Coaching

Senior executive support, cultural alignment, team performance, empowerment, well-being or positive organisational growth. Unlock potential and break through barriers. Make change happen.

Your Organisational Story

Featured Courses

Featured Inspirations

  • About This Podcast This week's podcast features David Smith-Collins, whose strong reputation as an innovative change leader stems from his days in the police service, wherein he rose to the rank

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This was the first year I didn’t feel I wasted my training budget. In addition to the tangible stuff, the training saved a huge amount of my time as the team were solving their own problems and taking responsibility. As a business we are much more productive and outputs from the team are much higher.

Cam Farrelly Partner, pd3

Andy and Neil made my journey into NLP engaging and revelatory. They allow a mass of information to be integrated so smoothly – it makes for an incredible experience. I can’t wait to try out my learnings

Gareth Jones Design Director, pd3

Prepare to be challenged and have your eyes opened. Prepare to have your eyes opened and smell the coffee. Prepare for some great learning, with fun and meaning. Prepare to have your life transformed. Prepare to believe all those superlatives when you’ve completed the course

Sam Dobbs Police Sergeant

This course has given me a set of tools, techniques and resources I can use professionally but also personally. It has helped change who I am as a leader and given me tools to support staff in my organisation

Claire Newman Finance Director, City Year

It’s not a course, more a way of thinking and living. The methodologies I believe can make a difference and won’t be forgotten – like so many courses. I have become a believer! Thank you

Howard Davis Group Finance Director, Bourne Group

What’s changed? The whole organisation. Literally everything! Different staff in different positions, different ways to train corps members, different values and language around how we operate and now in a much more productive way – challenging each other to be at cause

Sophie Livingstone Chief Executive, City Year


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