Episode #8: Breaking the Vase

About This Podcast

One of the themes that’s emerged so far within the 91 Untold Change Project is how vitally important disruption is to facilitate real and lasting positive change and growth. Most of what we’ve talked about so far has focussed on disruption in the context of the workplace or to facilitate radical social change. But what about personal change? How can we as individuals reinvent ourselves to embrace opportunities and avoid falling behind.

In this episode we talk to Marcus Harris about how to put yourself in the way of opportunity in these changing times and embrace change and transformation with an excitement and verve that frees you to reinvent yourself in ways you’ve never previously imagined.

Marcus introduces us to his concept of “breaking the vase” – a metaphor for throwing aside the tight barriers we tend to build around us. Marcus explains that from breaking this vase comes true adaptability, unlocking the opportunity for regrowth, regeneration, and perhaps even intergalactic domination. He suggests that defining ourselves by either our pasts, or indeed our futures is limiting. Instead he calls for us to create completely new problems to release new energy. We hope you enjoy the show.

About This Guest

Marcus has spent the last 30 years supporting organisations looking for an advantage through technology. Service Management education, consultancy, resourcing and managed service has figured significantly in these solutions.

Now at www.Incite-Insight.co.uk, Marcus leverages those years of experience by combining consulting, recruitment, contractor resourcing, training and behaviour change into one solution.

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