Episode #4: Business: A Force for Good?





About This Podcast

Today’s podcast shines a light on the future of business. How, in a world that seems more and more driven by stakeholder value, can organisations buck the trend and take a stand for being ‘good’? How do they measure their impact on the world and the people who work within them? How can they be progressive and harness their collective energies to become a force for positive change?

Our guest, Giles Gibbons, has literally written the book about Good Business (albeit a while ago) and for the past 20 years has run a hugely impactful company of the same name. Giles works with businesses and charities to help them use their power to positively impact the world socially and environmentally. He also argues that this ‘good’ purpose can offer the resilience for organisations to remain current and relevant in our evolving world.

Based on his experience, Giles talks to Neil about his thoughts on how “listening” businesses are typically the ones staying ahead of the game. He also outlines the importance of organisations opting for a more open and agile approach, as opposed to businesses solely focussing on meeting last year’s targets.

Having a foot in both the commercial sector and in the charity sector gives Giles a unique perspective on how businesses could become a force for good in the world – if indeed they aren’t already.

Useful References:

Good Business

The Sustainable Restaurant Association


The Paraorchestra

Leeds “Bubble Bin” initiative

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