NLP Master Practitioner

the NLP master practitioner programme enables coaches, leaders and change professionals to dramatically IMPROVE their impact and results.

NLP offers a powerful set of dynamic tools to help leaders and change agents facilitate strategic change. Building on the skills offered at Practitioner level, the 91 Untold Applied NLP Master Practitioner course aims to help participants deepen their understanding of how people, communities and organisations change.

NLP is a  powerful set of applied psychological skills for change, for learning and for accelerating personal and professional development. The programme is responsive to the needs of participants, but some of the topics likely to be discussed include:

  • ENHANCED PERFORMANCE – performance – positive or negative – doesn’t just happen, it is a neurological process and therefore can be codified to be understood and influenced.
  • TRANSFORMATIONAL BEHAVIOUR CHANGE – NLP offers some of the most powerful and sustainable tools available to achieve ethical and transformative behaviour change .
  • CREATING ALIGNMENT AND COHESION – teams often contain individuals with very different maps. An effective Master Practitioner will have a range of tools to help a group align or to understand and reduce conflict.
  • IMPROVED MOTIVATION TO CHANGE – desire is a prerequisite for change, yet so often change processes fail to inspire a shared vision or to leverage an individual’s personal motivation to support change efforts.
  • INCREASED ACCOUNTABILITY – too much time is wasted in organisations  exploring issues that can’t be changed. From an NLP perspective what is more useful to explore is “given that we can’t influence this [external change], how are we going to move forward?”
  • WELLBEING AND DEEP CHANGE – it is often difficult to separate personal issues from the work at hand and, without appropriate intervention, these can impact on productivity and attrition. The Master Practitioner programme with explore a range of skills to better support people who wish to enhance wellbeing or resolve past traumas/significant emotional experiences.
  • DIAGNOSTICS AND INTERNAL CONSULTANCY – NLP offers a range of skills to support leaders and internal consultants explore issues from multiple perspectives and align teams in addressing them.
  • MODELLING EXCELLENCE – NLP Master Practitioners develop the ability to model and codify human behaviour in any situation. This offers the ability to decode best practice and to identify the difference that makes the difference in modelling change or learning new skills.
  • BUILDING A POSITIVE CULTURE – organisational culture can be an enabler or barrier to effective change. Whilst culture is notoriously hard to influence, NLP offers a number of powerful ways to explore and map culture and to positively influence the beliefs, values and behaviours that drive it.
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – at the heart of any NLP journey is the opportunity for students to explore their own map of reality and to create positive changes aligned to their objectives.
  • MAP ACROSS TO KEY THEORIES – we work to map our trainings to some of the latest developments in academic study. This includes: positive psychology, organisational wisdom theory, change theory, neuroscience, coaching and leadership theory.

NLP offers a form of practical source-code through which an elegant practitioner can diagnose, structure and build human-centric change processes. The course is highly experiential and students are encouraged to apply learnings within their organisation or community to deepen understanding and to maximise value.

Existing NLP Practitioners will recognise the impact that NLP tools and patterns can make. The Applied NLP Master Practitioner programme is designed to help change agents and leaders deepen this knowledge and to develop greater elegance, fluency, and congruence in their use. The programme introduces numerous new patterns and techniques but the real focus is on the deepening understanding and supporting participants in truly embodying excellence.

Syllabus: this course covers the core advanced processes and skills involved in NLP including:
  • Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind
  • Advanced Calibration Skills
  • Visual and Kinaesthetic Timelines
  • Well-Formed Outcomes and Issues
  • Advanced Submodality Change
  • Positive by-products and secondary gain
  • Change Models including Daunting to Doable,
  • Modelling Practice
  • Advanced Diagnostic Skills and Organisational/Community diagnostic case studies
  • Advanced Language Skills
  • Mastery Level Change Processes
  • Metaprogrammes and Metaphor
  • Advanced Rapport
In addition you might reasonably expect to:
  • Discover how to develop true mastery and achieve seamless integration of NLP Practitioner skills.
  • Take more of your existing change skills to new levels of integration and unconscious competence.
  • Learn to achieve change at the most advanced level and create your own change processes.
  • Explore your identity as leader or change agent.
  • Advance career transition and development by concentrating on your mission-critical strategies and skills.
  • Develop powerful new NLP skills and techniques and learn new and creative ways of combining them.
  • Focus on personal development in much greater depth for major gains in awareness and well-being.

Integration and Master Practitioner Assessment

The integration day on the 91 Untold Applied NLP Master Practitioner programme is an opportunity to build confidence and congruence. You will be using all of your mastery level skills to coach an external client in a two hour real life session.

The exercise is designed to help you know that you can integrate your NLP skills into practice and can deal elegantly with whatever life or the workplace may throw at you. Many graduates claim that it was this exercise that made the difference in enabling them to truely embed their new mastery skills into practice and apply their knowledge in the workplace. It also gives you a chance to integrate and demonstrate your learning in order to be accredited as a 91 Untold and JSNLP Applied NLP Master Practitioner.

Students will also complete a modelling project of their choosing. This is often something of organisational value or for personal transformation.

A rare chance to work directly with John Seymour at Mastery level

John Seymour delivers a Q&A based master class  on the 91 Untold Applied Master Practitioner. John has one of the best reputations for delivering top quality NLP training in the UK. His unique background includes co-authoring one of the best selling NLP books of all time, having the longest professional NLP career in the UK, being selected as the National Tutor for NLP and numerous training awards.

John Seymour Master Classes provide a rare opportunity to work directly with John Seymour. John is deservedly one of the most respected and sought after NLP trainers in the UK and has a gift for making the complexities of NLP profoundly simple, and the practical applications life-changing.

Who joins the JSNLP Applied NLP Master Practitioner programme?

This course is delivered in Bristol by our team of highly experienced trainers led by Neil Almond and John Seymour. Our Master Practitioner students are committed to challenging themselves and their expertise beyond their comfort zone. In a safe and supportive environment they discover stronger and deeper ways to change outmoded beliefs and behaviour in both themselves and others.

This course is for NLP Practitioner graduates who are keen to develop a new and more powerful practice for applying their NLP skills. We pride ourselves on the support we offer students joining our courses, having completed their Practitioner training with other schools, and they are usually pleasantly surprised at how easy and effective the 91 Untold learning experience is.

The majority of our students join us because of our world class reputation for integrity and highly successful transfer of skills.

Why Choose 91 Untold/JSnlp Master Practitioner Training?

Over the past 35 years John Seymour has led the British NLP Training field. His gift for making the complexities of NLP profoundly simple, and the practical applications life-changing, have made him one of the most popular NLP trainers in the UK. JSNLP courses have a well-deserved reputation for being highly ethical, effective and full of humour.

Our focus has always been on helping our graduates to develop sublime NLP skills together with a pragmatic approach that helps them put these skills into practice. Since his retirement from full-time training John has partnered with one of his former apprentices Neil Almond. Neil, an ANLP certified NLP Master Trainer in his own right. Neil has has worked with John for years, as well as running Whatever Life Throws (a popular London-based NLP training organisation). He also has an impressive CV; having delivered projects for many of the UK’s top organisations, facilitated sessions in Downing Street and worked with industry leaders such as Sir Richard Branson.

This approach combines the best of John’s wisdom and experience with Neil’s fresh, innovative, applied approach.

Applied NLP brings all of the great skills from traditional NLP trainings, but by studying them through a specific filter – such as coaching, leadership, social enterprise, autism etc – it tends to make them easier to learn and apply to practice. This new approach helps to build confidence and congruence in less time and ensures that learnt skills are actually applied to practice and used beyond the training room.

Accredited and Certified by ANLP

The NLP Applied Master Practitioner courses are accredited by ANLP. We believe that ANLP (Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming) provide the most robust and unbiased certification processes available in NLP and therefore our certificates include the ANLP seal as a mark of quality.

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The course is led by Neil Almond with a master classes by John Seymour from our Bristol training rooms in Hengrove Bristol (BS4 1ET).


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