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Happy New Year Everyone! It’s probably too late to say that still, yet it’s a nice place to start.

For many, the changing of the year is about new beginnings and the opportunity to refresh, revitalise and move forward with conviction, harness the gold from previous years and powerfully stepping beyond the barriers that have previously held us back.

If you’ve been around us for a while then you probably know, we often start the New Year with a free board and arrow break for our community, and this year was no different. Thanks so much to all of you who joined us for this year’s event. The energy in the room was incredible and it was an honour to be amongst so many great people with such bold dreams.

And again, if you know us well, you’ll know that integrity is one of our highest values. We are constantly looking for ways to make even more impact and create even more positive change in the world.

For the past 18 months our two brands JSNLP and Whatever Life Throws have worked side by side. JSNLP building on the incredible legacy and reputation of John Seymour, and Whatever Life Throws representing the innovative change work and consultancy of Neil and myself. But we’re one team, so it’s felt a little schizophrenic at times. So, it felt like the right time for a bold new adventure to begin, a marriage if you like of two of the most respected names in NLP, coaching and change.

In a way it has helped that both the old JSNLP and Whatever Life Throws websites were literally on their last legs (both had become security risks, and neither was representing us as the high-quality brand we pride ourselves in being).

NLP has for many years formed the heart of our work, but Neil and John have recently been talking more urgently about the need to expand our reach to bring in some of the other incredible change modalities that now exist. Positive Psychology, for example, or John’s current fascination with the memes of transformation.

We started to realise that to some degree pure NLP was a red herring. What is needed are change agency skills. And neither existing brand allowed us to expand to create the impact in the world we believe we can make. So, with the new year starting, it seemed the perfect time for a new story to begin. One that encapsulates all the best bits of our previous chapters, but which also allows us the space to move forward into a brave new story. That new story is 91 Untold.

So, what does the new 91 Untold name mean, and what’s it all about?

Roughly 91% of an iceberg lies beneath the surface. It’s a hidden force of nature that, for us, is the perfect metaphor for untapped, unrealised potential. For what we already have within us, but don’t yet use. For what exists beyond the 9% of possibility we’ve surfaced so far. And for the sheer potential in harnessing the 91% we haven’t. Yet.

We think this is a great metaphor for possibility and sings to the change work we do with people (be that within organisations, teams, individuals or the community) to realise their fullest potential and make change happen.

We’re not moving away from NLP, rather we’re enhancing our offer even more. We’ll still be delivering the same high-quality NLP programmes we have before as well as bringing a great new range of additional applied programmes to you. From Autism Coaching to our new Positive Psychology Practitioner and our inspiring Change Agents Network, we believe there’s something for everyone who wants to come on the journey with us to tell their untold stories and surface their possible.

The wonderful team you know and love are all still here and are all very excited about our future.


Here’s what John Seymour had to say about 91 Untold…

“What’s really interesting and different about 91 Untold is precisely that bringing together of different skillsets from Neurolinguistic Programming, or Neurolinguistic Psychology as I think of it, and Positive Psychology, from applied Systems Thinking, from applied Memetics and the Memes of Transformation, combining those together as we do at 91 Untold – I think it’s new, different and genuinely important.”

And Sarah Smith…

“One of the things I’m really excited about with the development of 91 Untold is the way in which we’re going to be incorporating and extending some of the work with JSNLP in the field of NLP, but particularly using NLP as a way of facilitating remarkable and deep change in individuals, in teams, in organisations, and much more widely even in social groups and communities. So, to be able to look at how other change technologies, ways or working with people, areas such as Positive Psychology – additional areas of development that are really complementary to NLP can be brought together, creates a really exciting opportunity actually for going out and helping other people put together different tools, different approaches, different ways of working, different ways of thinking that not only mean they can develop and change themselves, but they can facilitate change in others in their organisations and in their various roles. So, it’s really exciting times seeing the potential that 91 Untold is offering and this next stage of development.”

We’re all so very excited about 91 Untold and the possibility we’re creating. We hope you’ll join us to tell your untold stories too!

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