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Culture Hacks

Culture Hacks

Do you ever wish you could bottle the attitudes and skills of your star performers, and at the touch of a button, upload ‘the juice’ into the rest of your team? Or successfully stream the vision that’s in your head so the whole business aligns around it at the touch of a button? Maybe you just want to dial up the level of a key behaviour a few notches (collaboration, giving great feedback, commerciality, accountability, innovation, saying no…), or indeed, to dial down the stuff that’s interfering with your team’s wellbeing or happiness (stress, silos, fear, lack of alignment…).

All of this is possible.

You might even already have an incredible culture and want to plug in new hires so that they’ll arrive on day one already imbued with the essence that makes your organisation thrive. Or maybe you want to use your organisational values to properly drive behaviour rather than just as a statement of ambition.

Small, cleverly crafted, culture hacks can sustainably focus in on any of these areas with laser precision, and best of all inexpensively, to deliver lasting cultural change.

You may even be struggling with diversity, or harnessing the dreaded Millennials. Again culture hacks can help nudge your culture towards a positive, sustainable outcome.

What is a Culture Hack?

We blend modern technology with our hard-earned change skills to create a ‘culture hack’ solution that is bespoke to your organisation. The result for your team probably includes audio podcasts that they can listen to on their daily commute and video tutorials designed to get right to the nub of the problem and deliver a solution that is 100% relevant to your organisational goals and culture.

Depending on the scope of your hack, it may also include support to help managers coach team members towards the desired culture change. Our digitally-enhanced solution provides the change memes, your managers provide the nudge to make sure people engage.

Hacks can also include key notes, facilitated sessions, kick-off trainings and other live events. Every hack is bespoke and modelled from your organisation.

In order to identify the difference that makes the difference we provide all the coaching and facilitation necessary to shape a solution that has the best chance of success.

How Much Does it Cost?

If all this sounds expensive; it really isn’t. That’s the beauty of this approach. Culture hacks are far more potent than traditional approaches and, because they are tailored, they have a far higher chance of success. Most also last long beyond our involvement, which means the solution is far more sustainable than training and can be rolled out to far larger constituent groups. Also, culture hacks respect how busy your team is and so minimise the time they need to be away from their desks and can even utilise commuting time for maximum efficiency.

How Does it Work?

At the heart of culture hacks is a coaching process called modelling. Modelling allows us to work with exemplars both from within your organisation and, if appropriate, from within your supply chain. We work with them to try to tease out and codify the difference that would make the difference for the rest of the team. If necessary, we’ll triangulate multiple exemplars until we’ve got the ‘juice’ that can be shared. We then throw in some coaching knowledge with perhaps a splash of positive psychology.

From there we’ll use the science of memetics (mind viruses) together with a healthy dollop of zeitgeist affirming digital technology to, in a nice way, infect your team with the positive resources you’re looking to instil.

This might sound a bit sinister, but we’ll only take on projects that we think are ethical and ecological – for the good of all concerned. After all, everyone wants to be a little more successful and a little more happy.

The Benefits of Culture Hacks

  • Aligned values to leverage change.
  • Cultural design, without large scale or costly change programmes.3.
  • Solutions that make a real difference to team members and increase well-being.
  • Lasting institutional memory to facilitate talent recruitment and stakeholder engagement.
  • Targeted to your organisation and your needs. Not a generic one-size-fit-all solution.
  • Minimal down-time saves invaluable time and money.
  • Harnesses the power of digital technology to nudge behaviour.
  • Integrated to support your managers.
  • Applied solutions, not academic or theoretical models.
  • Clear executive address to reinforce internal communication.
  • Gain the ultimate competitive advantage. Your culture.

If you want to understand more about how culture hacks can help your business then please get in touch. We’d love to chat.

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