e-course: Money Mastery: Turbo Power your Finances & Eliminate Debt

Money Mastery is a fun, engaging programme, designed to shake up the way you look at money so that you can live your financial dreams. The best thing about it is the promise that you’ll feel a new sense of power and freedom around your money and finances within days of putting the ideas and techniques into practice. It’s absolutely not about pain or going without, yet somehow, hundreds of graduates from our live Money Mastery seminars report that the course has enabled them to change their financial destiny, and have been able to:

    • eliminate debt fast (and easily)
    • save for a house deposit or pay off a mortgage early
    • pay off student loans easily and effortlessly
    • save for a rainy day or to fulfil a dream
    • become more entrepreneurial and start a business
    • invest and build towards wealth
    • get promoted at work
    • become a financial role model to their family or the community
    • give to charity and make a difference to those around them



This isn’t a get rich quick promise or anything like that; far from it, Money Mastery is a really pragmatic way of looking at the psychology of money so that it starts working for you. For instance, I mentioned building towards wealth in the bullets above. Just for a second have a think about what ‘wealth’ even means. We all use it to describe ‘something’, but what does it actually mean to you? You might start thinking about a flash luxury car, or a gorgeous house with a huge veranda overlooking the azure ocean, or maybe being able to just write a cheque (do they even still exist) for a child’s education, or perhaps for you, it’s the choice to give up work and enjoy the freedom of how you spend your time.

All of these are really great goals, and I was certainly associating into some of them as I wrote them down (I’m on holiday next week so I think the ocean was calling loudest). But now, for a moment, try to look behind each of those goals. Is it actually about having that ‘thing’ or ‘ability’? I know some of you are shouting , “Yes Neil give me the keys to the car now!” and that’s fine too, but for most of us, if you start to look behind each of those goals you’ll notice there’s a ‘feeling’ or ’emotion’ that’s driving the goal. What would it feel like to live in that home, to contribute to the lives of loved ones (or strangers) in that way , to have that level of freedom, and yes, even to drive that performance car? As you recognise that emotional base to so many of these wealth related desires, you’ll probably also start to realise that there are multiple ways to achieve the feeling you’re seeking. True wealth isn’t about all these things, nice as they are, real wealth is a feeling deep inside.

This is why some people can be uber-rich and still be craving more and more. They never learnt the secret to money mastery. It’s also why someone can have very little in monetary terms but feel like the richest person on the planet. How? Because they know the secret. That’s what this course is about. Teaching you the secrets of money so that you can live the richest life possible.

How would it be to feel wealthy right now?

Don’t worry we will talk about all the trappings of wealth too. As Stuart Wilde once said, the trick to money is having some. We live in a world where money has power (for good or ill), so I’m a real fan of building your net worth and eliminating any unhelpful debts. I now have the luxury of living mortgage free, and the feeling of security that brings is amazing!

My Story

My personal story in Money Mastery started when I was CEO of quite a successful youth charity I’d founded. Some of the young people in the team came to me and lobbied for us to take on money as an issue. They were worried about their financial futures – student debts, having the money to travel, the dim prospect (as they saw it) of ever being able to buy a house. We worked with big social issues such as drugs and sexual health already, so they wanted us to do the same for money.

The challenge was, I was in debt, and integrity is a really high value for me. So I resisted at first, but they were making a compelling case and before long they turned me around – so I needed to get into integrity fast or I wouldn’t have the congruence to support others.

So I decided to take on my debts – a staggering £43,000 at the time. I braced myself for several years of austerity as I clawed my way back to zero. I stood at the bottom of what I thought was a huge mountain and began to climb. At first I read every book I could find on the subject of money and attended every workshop. I met with millionaires and financial advisers and friends who were great with cash (through the charity I had the privilege of working with people like Sir Richard Branson and The Body Shop Founder, Anita Roddick).

In a matter of weeks I was starting to build a strategy for relating to money in a new way. Then a miracle happened. Within days of starting my journey, I noticed how empowered I was feeling; I found I was sleeping better and feeling freer. In fact, I felt better than I’d felt in years. My debt was still there (or most of it) but already I felt amazing.

The power and energy that came from implementing the Money Mastery formula was addictive, and I found I was shedding debt at an incredible speed (even though I was still on a relatively low charity salary – I was the founder after all). In fact, it took me just 25 months to eliminate my debt completely and to start having savings in my account. I still think that journey was one of the most profound of my life.

Still today I use the principles I learnt on that journey and I can honestly say Money Mastery changed my financial destiny.

Course Summary

In today’s stressful world, one of the significant challenges is to balance financial commitments with aspirations; whether it’s trying to get on the property ladder, trying to buy a new car, establish a pension, or pay off a mortgage early. For many people, these seem like impossible mountains to climb, and that’s before we even start talking about debt. Many people find themselves balancing credit cards, overdrafts and loans. And it’s particularly difficult for those already holding student debt as they begin their careers.

Money Mastery has been created as an antidote to some of these seemingly insurmountable challenges. The course is the culmination of over 15 years of research and development into the psychology of money and how we can use this to revolutionise our finances. Money Mastery’s mission, quite simply, is to revolutionise your relationship with money and finance, enabling people to build practical strategies that support them in designing a compelling financial future.

From an organisational perspective, Money Mastery can play a key part in supporting the well-being of team members. The course provides practical strategies, such as the lightening-fast debt-busting strategy, that have been proven to permanently shift people’s attitudes to money, such that you can feel empowered and excited about your financial future.

Please Note

I think it is important to say, Neil is not a financial adviser, he is a money coach. This programme is collection of strategies around money that seem to make a massive difference, to most people, when embraced, but it is not intended as recommendation or advice. If you are in serious levels of debt or at risk of losing your home/livelihood as a result of your financial circumstances then we recommend you seek specialist advice to help you deal with this first. This course is designed to help you think differently about money and it is our hope that, like so many of our past graduates you will as a result start to feel more empowered around money and in charge of your own financial destiny.