Sarah Thrift & Neil Almond: Designing a Strategy that Works

Kicking off the 91Untold podcast series is an interview between Neil Almond and Sarah Thrift, author of Designing a Strategy That Works. Sarah is a former McKinsey consultant who has worked across the world on both commercial and not for profit projects. Neil and Sarah first met in 2008 when she parachuted into Kikass, thanks to both their mutual connections at Virgin Unite, and following him being involved in a plane crash (which I’m sure will be the subject of future podcasts).

91Untold podcasts explore change from multiple perspectives. Change is often seen as a single, linear process. In truth, the landscape of change has a rich and diverse topography. Leaders, social entrepreneurs, change consultants, coaches, inspiring individuals, communications experts and academics all play their part.

We seek out the most interesting untold stories, to better understand how change really happens. And how it can benefit you, your organisation and the world.

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