Virtual Group Supervision

Supervision is increasingly becoming recognised as an important necessity in NLP or coaching practice.  The challenge for many coaches in the early stages of their career, is they may not have the large body of practice that justifies undertaking one-on-one supervision.  Similarly, this may be the same issue for occasional coaches, who might want to embrace best practice and get support via coaching or NLP supervision to develop their skills more fully.  Another challenge, that often prevents people from undertaking supervision, is where their motivation for the coaching and NLP support they offer isn’t a financial one, which means they may not be generating sufficient income from their coaching or NLP activities to justify paying, the often considerable, fees for one-on-one supervision.

Virtual Group Supervision provides a compelling antidote to all of the above scenarios.  It can also be an exciting alternative for more experienced coaches where, sometimes, having a window into the practices of others can support learning and growth.

91 Untold’s Virtual Group Supervision is delivered using GoTo Meeting and brings together a number of different coaching and NLP professionals into single session.  Participants offer case studies from their practice for selection by the group for unpacking during the supervision session.  Sometimes, a number are selected, at other times just one juicy offering will be worked on, but all participants are involved in the process and are encouraged to use it as a tool to explore their own practice.

This is an exciting way of meeting best-practice supervision criteria, and working with an exceptionally experienced and skilled NLP coaching supervisor, without it costing the Earth.

All of 91 Untold’s supervisors have a great deal of experience as practitioners and have formal training in Coaching Supervision.

If you’re interested in joining our virtual supervision sessions, we’d be delighted to hear from you.