NLP Mastery

The NLP Mastery module is an absolute must for professional change agents and those who want to achieve their dreams. It emphasises practice and uses specialist trainers to ensure you learn skills at the highest level.

The course is designed to deepen your NLP knowledge and skill to a level where you feel confident and congruent as an NLP coach or leader in almost any setting.

Here are some key objectives we’ll be covering during the NLP Mastery module:

  • Build a coaching toolkit that allows you to deal with emotional clients/ team members or sessions of a deep change nature.
  • Understand how the unconscious mind is at play in impacting behaviour in all contexts, and gain skills to help to reprogramme this.
  • Develop the ability to model and codify successful human behaviour in any situation.
  • Explore how NLP knowledge can be strengthened by reference to some of the latest developments in positive psychology, neuroscience, coaching and leadership theory.
  • Gain skills to elegantly transform trauma’s and significant emotional events.
  • Model skills from some of the UK’s leading NLP Master Trainers and NLP thought leaders.
  • Build a portfolio of strategies to support and transform a number of the pathologies you are most likely to encounter in either coaching or leadership.

In addition you might reasonably expect to:

  • Discover how to develop true mastery and achieve seamless integration of NLP Practitioner skills.
  • Take more of your existing skills to new levels of integration and unconscious competence.
  • Capitalise on your investment in NLP Practitioner skills by achieving your key goals.
  • Learn to achieve change at the most advanced level and create your own change processes.
  • Advance career transition and development by concentrating on your mission-critical strategies and skills.
  • Develop powerful new NLP skills and techniques and learn new and creative ways of combining them.
  • Focus on personal development in much greater depth for major gains in awareness and well-being.

Syllabus: this course covers the core processes and skills involved in leading with NLP including:

  • Advanced Meta Model
  • Modelling
  • Pathology case studies
  • Advanced Meta Model & Language Skills
  • Mastery Level Change Processes
  • Values Alignment
  • Metaprogrammes and Metaphor
  • Advanced Rapport
  • Advanced Submodality Change Exercises
  • Master Classes
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