John Seymour Supervision

John Seymour has been training and coaching NLP in Bristol for over 30 years.  He remains one of the most respected and sought-after NLP trainers in the UK.  Due to his success, John is now in a position to choose projects to work on that he believes will be the most rewarding and have the greatest impact.

John particularly enjoys supporting ex-students, trainers, social entrepreneurs and change agents, who are on a mission, to produce some form of substantive change in the world.  He does this often through the process of supervision.  Of course, being John, it’s not just pure supervision (a reflective process to look at your practice), but rather bringing his many years of experience and cross-functional expertise to bear in order to dance between reflective practice, mentoring, and coaching.  John only ever works with a maximum of 10 private clients at any one time (he is semi-retired after all) and often considerably less, as he’s highly selective about who he works with.

This is a rare opportunity to work one-on-one with one of the worlds most respected change facilitators.  Wherever you are on your personal or professional journey, as long as you’re serious about producing change and committed to taking affirmative action, then there’s potentially no better supervisor than John Seymour.

There’s a saying that we often quote at 91 Untold, “the greatest master is not the one with the most followers, the greatest master is the one who creates the most masters” and this expression epitomises John’s work.

If you’d like to work with John, then please get in touch.  There is an application process, but we’d be delighted, as would John, to support you on your journey.  As mentioned, John is committed to change, so you might be pleasantly surprised (like many others have) that, if you’re the right person, such high-quality support doesn’t cost the Earth.

Most sessions are run over Skype but are also available face-to-face in either Bristol or Leominster.