Diploma of Applied NLP: Autism Coaching

A Five-Day Advanced Level Diploma for NLP Practitioners, Positive Psychologists and Coaches

The Diploma of Applied NLP: Autism Coaching is a ground-breaking programme aimed at equipping existing NLP Practitioners and coaches with the specialist skills needed to transform the wellbeing of autistic people and to help them reach their potential.

The course was developed by modelling successful coaching processes with autistic clients and their families. It draws on best practice from coaching, positive psychology, neuroscience and NLP. This pioneering course will teach you how to practice as an autism coach in a holistic, life-wide manner.

But be warned, you will only get the most out of this course if you’re willing to challenge the status quo and think differently about autism. Whilst the programme is thoroughly underpinned by the latest academic research, it presents a model for autism coaching that moves beyond the prevailing paradigm and challenges current thinking. It presents Autism not as a fixed diagnosis, but as a sensory and neurological difference that can be profoundly influenced towards positive development through coaching.

Our practitioners have found coaching to be highly effective in helping autistic people realise their aspirations. However, adjustments need to be made to typical coaching processes, and NLP and Positive Psychology play a key role in this. The course builds on your existing skills to help you develop your own set of cutting-edge principles proven to transform the wellbeing of autistic people and help them reach their potential.

This course is of a graduate-level, meaning participants should at least have a working knowledge of coaching methodology and have completed appropriate study in one of the following disciplines: coaching, positive psychology or NLP. This existing knowledge is necessary so that we can focus on advanced techniques and autism appropriate modifications to your current knowledge, rather than spending unnecessary time revisiting coaching fundamentals.

This course is based on the work of Ruth Howard, CEO of Positively Autistic. And centres on her groundbreaking research and new theoretical model of autism. The model is well-researched, current, and designed to achieve optimal outcomes.

Ruth is a charismatic trainer and, along with Neil Almond and Andy Cartmell, delivers the course in a conversational and approachable manner designed to help participants develop and apply the material in their own areas of specialty or interest around autism.

Prospective students without this knowledge may want to consider first attending the 91 Untold Diploma of Applied NLP: Coaching or an NLP Practitioner certification.

The Diploma of Applied NLP: Autism Coaching will help participants to:

  • Explore a new way of thinking about autism that helps create the space for positive development
  • Learn how NLP and Positive Psychology can be blended to form effective and resilient coaching solutions
  • Develop a model for coaching that can be used to help autistic people reach their potential
  • Challenge their own thinking around autism and learn strategies to encourage others to do the same
  • Build confidence and congruence in coaching people on the Autistic spectrum
  • Map the funding landscape for autism coaching

The course is certified by the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP).

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