Coaching and NLP Supervision

Supervision is increasingly an important part of NLP and coaching practice.  It offers a key opportunity to reflect on your practice and, therefore, continually be growing and developing your skills.  It plays an important part in helping to uncover blind spots that potentially hamper your ability to be the best coach you can be for your clients.

Supervision is not simply coaching coaches but, done well, is more of a reflective exchange that allows a NLP Practitioner or Coach to explore the landscape of their practice with another professional in safe and open manner.  An additional benefit to coaching supervision is that it aids in the establishment of effective boundaries, so that whatever your clients’ story, you can easily separate it from your own whilst simultaneously taking any learning that might be valuable.

With the advent of ANLP’s new standards system, supervision has become an essential part of being an effective and impactful NLP professional.  Therefore, supervision is being recognised as a necessary requirement of coaching, like it is in other helping and mental health professions.

91 Untold’s supervisors are highly-experienced NLP Practitioners and Coaches in their own right and have formally studied Coaching Supervision.

Supervision is available either face-to-face in Bristol or London, or virtually.

Please get in touch if you want to find out more and talk to one of our supervisors.