Applied NLP Trainer Training

The JSNLP Applied NLP Trainer Training is the opportunity to inspire transformation; to make a next-level difference and influence even greater change to even more people.

This course helps you step your training and presentation skills to the next level, facilitate change and empower groups. Whatever your level of experience, it will help you feel positive about your ability present ideas elegantly and facilitate real learning.

The JSNLP Applied NLP Trainer Training Programme and Change Facilitation Practitioner is a 14-day course held in Bristol. The next course will be delivered over seven weekends from January to November 2019.

It is the opportunity to soak up some of the best ideas, skills and experiences from leading UK based NLP Master Trainers, including John Seymour himself. Further, it aims to go beyond knowledge, to ensure that your learning is fully applied to a niche of your choice. By the end of the course you leave not just as a certified NLP Trainer, but with a highly developed toolkit for facilitating change in groups..

Why choose the JSNLP Applied Trainer Training?

Successful graduates will be able to develop, run and certify their own ANLP Diploma, Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses.

As well as a distillation of over 100 years of training and facilitation experience, the JSNLP Applied Trainer Training is a real opportunity for personal and professional evolution. We are at least as interested in who you are being/ becoming as a trainer as in anything you are doing. We care passionately that graduates leave the course having found the very best version of themselves as a trainer and are able to facilitate group based learning confidently and congruently.

For NLP professionals, this course is the next step – the potential for even greater influence as an accredited trainer member of the UK’s most exciting NLP body. For everybody, this course is an opportunity to discover, embrace and promote the best version of yourself to the world.

Who is eligible?

It is not necessary to have trained with JSNLP or 91 Untold before. You are eligible to join the programme if you have an NLP Practitioner certificate (minimum 50 hours contact training), and a Master Practitioner certificate (80 hours).

If your NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner certificates are not quite up to ANLP standards for Accredited Trainer membership, 91 Untold can help facilitate the extra training. Although there might be extra fees should extra training be necessary, it would raise your current qualifications to what’s fast becoming the industry standard. And we’ll be flexible to take accredited prior learning into account as well.

If you are not yet an NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner, you can join the course through the parallel Diploma of Applied Training with NLP track. This is particularly useful for coaches, positive psychologists and consultants who want to improve their training and facilitation skills.

Regardless of training experience, the JSNLP Applied Trainer Training is for those wanting to harmonise their personal and professional potential. The end result is you – your niche, your style, your approach, your designed course, the confidence to embrace it.

Practical Benefits

The applied approach to training reinforces every new skill with practical experience and professional advice. Rather than just giving you the tools, we help you create your own toolkit. Personalised through one on one training, that toolkit is yours to apply to your future.

Following graduation, you will will be eligible to apply for ANLP Accredited Trainer membership (additional fees apply). This allows you to affix an ANLP seal to accredited course certificates up to Master Practitioner level, giving your future training work a high status and official stamp of approval.

The course offers the opportunity to identify your niche, one with which you personally and professionally connect. Once identified, you’ll be able to apply your learning, practical assignments and training slots to your niche or chosen application.

Course Outline

Run in two-day modules, the structure of the NLP Trainer Training course maximises learning. Most NLP Trainer Training programmes run in blocks, which can lead to overwhelm and reduced learning. The applied approach of JSNLP is unique. Two-day modules allow people integrate their learning and apply it. Rather than facing a bombardment of information, you have time to clear your head between learning. And to practice what you’ve learned in order to embed new habits and skills.

The course covers a broad range of knowledge areas:

  • Managing your own state and maintaining rapport with a group
  • Course design and sequencing
  • Strategies for optimising learning and minimising problems (inc. the psychology of learning)
  • Tracking and creating audience motivation
  • Precision experiential exercise design and delivery
  • Facilitation skills
  • Calibrating and tracking complex group dynamics
  • Voice work, control and projection
  • Opening and closing sessions
  • Presentation and delivery skills
  • Fielding questions and turning around challenging participants
  • Teaching to both conscious and unconscious mind
  • Running effective demos
  • Storytelling and humour
  • Assessment and tasking
  • Coaching from the front of the room
  • Developing a culture of learning
  • Assessment techniques
  • Managing energy
  • Professional speaker skills and keynote speaking

And, perhaps most important of all

  • All of this learning is applied to your specific niche

Rather than just another course of buzzwords, theories, and rhetoric, this is an applied course. With every piece of learning, knowledge, and advice, you get coming from practical experience. You learn more than the theory; you learn how to apply it in real life.

Nobody can tell you how to train or facilitate; there is no generic standard. This course allows for an individualised approach to training and facilitation. Beyond the group sessions, coaches work one on one with each participant, considering their personal style and professional niche. Building upon a unique and genuine foundation, a gradual layering of new skills moulds your inner change facilitator potential.

Throughout the course, expert coaches, practical experience, and a fresh skill toolkit enhance the best of yourself, allowing you to step back out into the training world with confidence and congruence.

By the end of the course, you are ready to conquer your preferred niche.

ANLP Trainer Accreditation

As the leading NLP award body and only independent NLP certification body in the country, the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming is increasingly setting NLP standards in the UK. It is a central influence, publishing the Rapport magazine and running the annual ANLP Awards and International NLP Conference. It’s also at the forefront of NLP research and accreditation. Universally accepted and highly celebrated, the ANLP certified Trainer Training is an impressive achievement.

The course is a gateway to the next level of NLP training.

An investment in your future

The JSNLP Applied Trainer Training course is an investment. After 14 days of hard work, expert voices, coaching and active experience, you have a personalised toolkit.

Many NLP Trainer Training courses focus heavily on your ability to run practitioner and master practitioner courses, however in reality these are just a couple of opportunities for graduates. Our programme does indeed prepare students for running open courses, but also our trainers are experienced in delivering training and facilitation within organisations and we do our best to pass on this experience to participants. Similarly, we make distinctions between formal, informal and covert NLP.

A big focus of this course is Change Facilitation. Students

Following the course, it is our goal for you to have the confidence and skills to step out into the world freely. Unlike many other courses, there are no catches to reel you back in again. No ongoing fees, no extended commitments to 91 Untold. Just a valuable certificate that you can use to register with ANLP as an accredited trainer if you feel this is appropriate (subject to acceptance).

Who are these expert voices?

At its heart, the course elegantly knits together the skills of John Seymour and Neil Almond. With over 30 years’ experience, John is an NLP legend in the UK, well known for his bestselling book, “Introducing NLP” and for the high quality of his NLP skills training. John literally wrote the book on “Training with NLP.”

Similarly impressive, Neil won the 2017 NLP Making a Difference Award at the ANLP sponsored NLP Awards and has a host of experience delivering successful NLP based training. He’s also worked at the highest level of business and government with such people as Sir Richard Branson, Anita Roddick, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Together, the result is a fusion of John’s experience and wisdom with Neil’s applied and innovative approach.

Alongside John and Neil are fellow NLP Master Trainers Sarah Smith and Lindsey Agnes. Sarah is a really popular member of the team, her commercial experience is invaluable, as well as her specialism in Positive Psychology. Lindsey is perhaps best known as the best-selling author of “Change Your Life with NLP,” “Age with Attitude” and “Change Your Business with NLP.” A single course, delivered from the infinitely inspiring voices of four respected ANLP Master Trainers.

The course also benefits from the creative genius and experience of Chris Rasey (Master Trainer and author of NLP Metaphorically).

Why JSNLP and 91 Untold?

JSNLP represents quality. With glowing reputations, John Seymour and Neil Almond combine the traditional world and new world of NLP. With over 100 years of combined experience in the training and facilitation market, our Master Trainers collaborate their different styles into a harmonious team. Together, they represent most of the major accreditation bodies: ANLP, Professional Guild of NLP, ABNLP, and INLPTA. They can also all trace their training roots back to the founders of NLP John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier.

JSNLP targets learning as a priority through an applied approach. In contrast to a static, knowledge-based approach, learning is versatile and moulded to each individual. Group sizes are small, allowing personalised training and specialised support.

In 91 Untold’s friendly and fun environment, learning is more than knowledge. And application is king. This is an opportunity to become your best self and fulfill personal and professional potential. You get to experience the only course in the country that fully equips you to run a successful ANLP accredited Diploma. Afterwards, you connect to close-knit 91 Untold family that offer ongoing support and development opportunities beyond the course itself.

Trainer Modelling Skills

With five incredible and varied trainers to learn from, the course is a smorgasbord of opportunity to hone your trainer modelling skills. Every trainer has been selected for their level of integrity and congruence. They don’t just teach this stuff, they do this stuff and they do it well. They are all also up for having modelling conversations: “how did you do that John?”, “what did you have to believe for that to work Sarah?” … This is a great way to absorb and embed learning. There is even an extracurricular option of watching videos of the trainers in action and using your modelling skills to deepen your understanding of what they do.

We think trainer modelling is so important that If you think your modelling skills are a bit light, we’ll offer you a place on the next John Seymour modelling masterclass as a bonus refresher.

Why this course?

The 91 Untold Applied NLP Trainer Training Programme is a significant investment. We take the responsibility of this very seriously and have therefore developed the course to give you the best chance of success. Your course fee includes:

  • Pre-course coaching materials to identify your programme objectives and niche
  • 14-days tuition in Bristol
  • Coaching Support with from trainers and the 91 Untold coaching team
  • Electronic copies of course materials, access to soft copies of John Seymour’s Practitioner and Master Practitioner course materials to help you build your courses
  • Digital resources, to help support your learning
  • Modelling Masterclass (worth £125), bonus access to a one-day modelling masterclass with John Seymour if you feel your NLP modelling skills are light
  • A signed copy of John Seymour’s Training with NLP book, (priceless)

This course is an opportunity for anybody with an idea, niche or message to share with the world. It is a stable, recognised and celebrated stepping-stone to your future as a trainer.

Some of the benefits of this training:

  • Taking the next step in developing yourself personally and professionally
  • The potential to be recognised by ANLP as an NLP Trainer to run your own courses
  • Make a bigger difference, and increase your income, with NLP training skills
  • Give yourself a competitive edge as a professional trainer or change facilitator
  • Intensive and enjoyable experiential skills training
  • Learning-friendly environment with quality peer group support
  • Ideal group size of 12-18 students
  • At least one NLP trainer or coach to every 4 students
  • Regular tutorials and personal coaching
  • Over 100 years of training experience amongst the Master Trainers
  • Opportunities to model outstanding trainers’ effectiveness and different training styles
  • Generate your own training materials and open source with others
  • E-copies of John’s original JSNLP Prac and Master Prac training materials available for your own use
  • Discover the key factors to get you successfully started on a new life journey

Who joins the NLP Trainer training?

The breadth of skills and expertise offered by this training, appeal to anyone wanting to design and deliver with confidence, effective and memorable presentations. These skills support clear and concise communication for meetings, important conversations, reports, and in any written or verbal communication.

  • Trainers and training consultants
  • Professional business change agents
  • Executive, business, and life coaches
  • Teachers and lecturers
  • Senior leaders and executives
  • Learning and development specialists
  • Managers
  • Consultants
  • Employment development and human resource specialists
  • Marketing and Sales

And from equally diverse areas;

  • Individuals seeking personal development
  • Employees and small business owners
  • Management at all levels
  • The teaching profession
  • The Minsistry of Defence and the armed forces
  • Local government, the NHS, Fire Service and Police
Terms of Booking